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What Wedding Dress Is Skin and Hair Colours Suited to?

Many brides to be go looking for their perfect white wedding dress, when in fact, an ivory or latte dress is more suited to their hair and skin colour. Below is a quick guide to the different shades of white and what skin and hair colours they are best suited to;

Champagne or oyster
This wedding dress white is an off-white with pink undertones and will flatter olive or darker skinned brides with dark hair.

Diamond white or natural white
This is a soft wedding dress white, common in the more expensive fabrics such as silk. This tone of white is well suited to fairer brides.

Wedding dresses in this shade of white have golden or yellow undertones. This shade of white suits fairer brides with honey coloured hair.

Stark white
Not suited to blonde or fair skinned girls. This shade of white is most unflattering if you are fair however looks amazing on dark skinned brides particularly hispanic brides.

Before you go shopping, get ideas from websites, magazines, and any other source that allows you to preview the various types of styles, lengths, and designs out there. Be sure to consider your body type as you make your selection for a wedding dress.Simondress maybe a good choose, Browse through’s thousands of wedding dresses to find the right wedding dress for you. Search by wedding dress styles and more. You certainly want to go with a style that flatters your body type and doesnt make you feel self conscious.

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