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Which Type Dress to Choose for Straight Body Type Bridesmaid

Whenever we choose an outfit, we need to consider basically our body shapes. However, what confused us most is that even though we know it clearly, we still have troubles in selecting a very fit and popular apparel. Also, it’s hard to find bridesmaid dresses to fit all body types. Unlike sisterhood of the traveling pants, it’s not realistic to squeeze women of all shapes and sizes into the same item of clothing. Lucky for you mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses is on trend. To help you find long bridesmaid dresses to fit all body types, we’ve pulled together a few popular bridesmaid dresses that look good on bridesmaids with straight body type.

How to tell if you have a straight body type? Your hips and waist are relatively the same size and your waist is not very defined. If you think your body shape is similar to Cameron Diaz or Hilary Duff it’s likely you have a straight body.

What are the best bridesmaid dresses for a straight body? When choosing a bridesmaid dress to fit a straight body type look for a dress with a defined waist. Some women with straight body types can rock an empire waist, while others may be interested in a dress that creates some curves.

We love these blue bridesmaid dresses to be selected by straight body type women:

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