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Choosing a Wedding Dress Fabric Right for Your Venue

At eDressit bridal shop, we often have brides who like to shop for a wedding dress before they have chosen and booked their wedding venue.  In our opinion, this is a big no, no.  Why?  There are certain fabrics that just don’t work for some venues. We try to get our brides to have their venue chosen and booked BEFORE their bridal appointment, so that we can advise them accordingly. You can also get dresses for Christmas party in eDressit.

If you are getting married outdoors, in even slightly warm weather (low to mid 70’s or higher), then satin is a poor choice as it is a dense weave and does not breathe.  It is however a very luxurious fabric that has a nice sheen, and is perfect for a more formal, indoor wedding.  These two satin wedding gowns are a great choices for indoors weddings…Now, Christmas gift idea for women can be dresses in eDressit.

Having an outdoor wedding? Then choose a lighter weight fabric that will be cooler and move easily. The embroidered lace overlay wedding gown is a great choice. In eDressit physical stores or online shop, you can all find out the exquisite wedding dress with lace embroidery, pleats, appliques and also beads. Your outdoor wedding dress should be easy to walk and maitain.

You’ll also need to think about the volume of the space where your ceremony will be held. If you are in a large volume space, such as a large hall, big church, or museum, then your gown will need to have some volume so that you don’t get lost in the space.  This is especially true if you are small or petite bride. For a large volume space them you might want to wear a dress that is fitted to the hip, but gives some drama on the bottom.  This dress would not be a good choice for an outdoor, farm or barn wedding as the tulle will sweep up all the leaves and grass in your path.

Our advice is to wait and shop for your wedding gown once you have chosen your wedding and reception venues. Then picture yourself in that venue and ask yourself…”Will this wedding dress look great in that space?” If you have no idea, we will help.

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