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Basic Knowledge Helps You Select Perfect Cocktail Dress

Some basic knowlege will be a great help if you do not know how to choose a right cocktail dress or which style should be chosen. All details thing may occur during your selection, so collect such experiences for next time purchasing.

Cocktail dresses are suitable for so many occasions and events, such as formal parties, prom parties, wedding ceremonies, daily working, graduation parties, etc. When you begin to search for the perfect dress, you need to know and understand your body figure and size as well as the areas you like to show off. Such points will help you narrow the search those flattering figure dresses. The dress style and fit is probably the most important component of choosing the perfect cocktail dress. Find a dress that accentuates your curves in the right places and is designed to minimize those areas you are more concerned about.

Look for those colors that compliment your skin tone or bring out your eyes. Consider the event you are attending as you choose the length and style, and soon you’ll have narrowed down your choice to the perfect dress. Add those final accessories of jewelry and shoes and you’ll be ready for an event to remember. A solid color will allow your dress to serve as a backdrop for accessories you add. Also, it can also be more formal and more slimming. Choose colors that look good with your skin tone, are appropriate for the event, and a color that you like and want to wear. Consider dresses that offer designs or embellishments on the dress to help make it more formal.

Hope these basic knowledge is helpful to you. Of course, during your selection, any other questions can be asked on eDressit customer service.

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Perfect Cocktail Dress Show Your Exquisite Look

It is time for you to get a perfect cocktail dress with stylish pattern and suitable color. Cocktail is a dress that can be worn in daily life and also parties. It can be used for evening dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and also graduation dresses. No matter which pattern you need, we can make it unique and special.

If you want to have a cocktail dress with flattering type and effect, firstly, you are told to understand what your formal event need, what is the main theme. As we all know that different events require different levels and color tune of formal attire.  Typically a cocktail dress is a semi-formal to formal dress that would be worn to an evening event. It should be designed to flatter the wearer under outdoor or indoor light in a more formal social setting.

To show your femininity and loveliness, choose a dress made of materials such as satin, chiffon or silk. These most common materials are used for elegant dresses. Cocktail dresses for juniors as well as those for women are often made of the same materials in only slightly different designs and styles.

A cocktail dress should be of appropriate length. The suggested length for it is just above the knee to full length. Try on a few dresses in different lengths to find which length looks best as well as which length you feel most comfortable both wearing while walking as well as while sitting.

Details, accessories, hems, colors are all details you need to consider. We don't need a luxury wearing, but require elegant, which can show your personality and highlight your fashion sense. Be fashion, be confident, be unique from just one dress.

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Invincibility Dress Matching - How Much You Know?

To girls, beauty is a forever topic we are always seeking for. It would be better for you to match well than wear well and also than good appearance. Maybe, you are paying attention to fashion everyday, discussing matching and wearing codes everyday. The sole target is to turn beauty. So, what you need to know and how much do you know?


Firstly: Black and whiteThe most classic match is black with white. It is a very popular wearing ways even in summer season. They are all about fashion, noble, practical. No matter what patterns they are and how to wear, you can be high level taste.


Stylish Long Sleeves Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

eDressit Sleeveless Lace Bodice Evening Gown Formal Dress

New Sexy V-cut Sequin Lace Sleeves Evening Prom Ball Gown


Secondly: sheath bodice with puffy skirt, or sheth skirt with puffy bodiceThis wearing code is never outdated. This rule is also practical and useful to make you more slender and thin. If you always need plus size, this skill can be helpful. Such match will add you great confidence.

eDressit Cap Sleeved Embroidery Evening Gown


eDressit V Neck Long Sleeves Graduation Dress Prom Gown

Thirdly: White shirtA pure and clear white shirt is everything matched. You can wear inside or outside. It is simple but versatile. So, shirt is a must-have one in everyone's wardrobe.


Fourth: same color series with printsIf your upper part or skirt has prints, then same color will act well to show coordination. They match each other, performing well in high unity. Such matches can be very comfortable and congruous.


New Printed Glorious Ruched Bodice Multi-color Evening Dress

Fifth: High heelsNo matter what dress you are wearing, wear high heels to make you slender and coordinate. This rule is very suitable for those tiny figure girls.


Sixth: Do not ignore belt and other accessoriesExcept for the basic match, belt and accessories are rather important. You can wear necklace, floral elements, applique or sequins. The hottest style dresses and detailed accessories will make you unique and special. Spot, lace, cabbage patch elements are also very popular. Try to add them to show your personality.

eDressit Top Quality Knee Length Formal Dress


As with the styles, everything that make you slender, noble, elegant, sexy and charming, such as a line, empire dress will be your best choices. Pay attention to these matching ways and current fashion trend. You will be stunning.


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