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Stunning Types Dresses for Christmas Party

Christmas is just on the way, all people are busy with preparing everything to welcome the new year. Certainly, parties are the must element for Christmas. Choose a glamoues ball gowns can make shine yourselves at the parties. Here’re some styles of gowns for you to refer to. Recommend reading:

Lace is one of the fashion trend for year 2016, how about combining it with the these ball gowns? You can finally have a great fashion sense with these lace element evening dresses.


Pears, beads are decorative on the dress. They are sometimes glamous and simetimes elegant to show personality. With these elements, your Christmas look will turn to be more fashion and noble.



It is one of the exquisite designs of formal dresses in eDressit. They require special skill and professional craftsmanship. Experience more delicate design here.


Embroidery dresses are more elegant and stunning in 2016 trend. It expresses not only delicate but also creative thought. How to apply beautiful and lively designs on the dress is also a knowledge we should learn. So, embroidery is powerful and effective.


All of them can perfect you at the ball, and now it’s your time to choose your fantastic ball gowns and have a dance with your finest dancers, no matter which one you choose, you’ll never regret for your chioce. eDressit is definitely your best solution for formal evening dresses. Just trust eDressit.

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Can't Move Eyes Away - eDressit 2016 S/S Campaign Videos

If you love one thing, there will be some highlights attracting you. It is my situation to these 2016 S/S new arrivals and great campaign. At first, I want to share this video with you - eDressit 2016 S/S campaign:

After viewing so many times, i turn my attention to more fashion dresses:


This lookbook is a special page for us to obtain more classic visual experiences. It contains different new arrival dresses and very exquisite evening gowns. These dresses are better in showing elegance, grace, charm and the special femininity we want to own. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why i can't move my eyes: not only classic but also easy to meet my requirements. When i search more videos in its Youtube page, i find more similar short videos, and i just enjoy them. (Also share to you the link: )


Fabulous dresses are the outcomes of delicate crafsmanship, proffesional skills, unite design teams and also day and day's hardwork. (The beadings only on the dress were hand sewn for ten days, embroidery was not included.) So, i have to say: exquisite details on these dresses are really stunning.


As we all know, times are all the time changing, only to be more modern, fashion, trendy and vogue. We are the judges to the trend. So, know clearly what we want and exactly need.

View more about campaign details, click: Count eDressit 2016 S/S Dresses - Choose to Fabulous

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Simple Tips for Different Figure Type Mothers of Wedding Bride

Mothers can be glamour with suitable dresses at wedding. However, it is not so easy an task to choose a perfect dress if you have no knowledge about choosing tips. Every body figure has certain suitable dresses, so, know clearly the ways.

(A) thin body type
Thin mothers can choose simple elegant evening dress. Its style is better not to be too exposed. Fitted waist tailoring can sketched stature, so choose a proper size and type dress. Besides, chest, draped shoulder can make them look fuller, and skinny leg line skirt can sbring.

(B) rounded body type
You can choose from a number of the narrow width of the skirts with empire style. Such type dresses are effective to fix the lack of stature, make your body figure balanced. Also, rounded type mothers are told to wear accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets, etc., as they are also effectively distract the attention on the body.

(C) tall and strong type
May choose knee dress with three-quarter sleeve, which is great to cover heavy arm. If you want to lengthen legs, wear semi-high-heeled shoes or a pair of gold-colored shoes.

Tips above are simple but sometime effective. Choose a proper and suitable dress at eDressit if you have a need. New arrivals will make you elegant and stunning. Featured dresses: cheap evening dresses for sale , lace dresses for mother of the bride

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