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Brides Better Not Do These Things by Herself

Every bride hopes her wedding be professional and unique. She likes to DIY something for the wedding, such as selecting wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and dresses for mothers, the decoration, wedding venues, musics, etc. However, just because you CAN do something yourself, doesn't always mean it's the best idea. I mean, face it — we can't all be experts at everything. And you want a certain level of expertise creating all the different elements of your wedding. It's okay for guests to look at things and admire the personalization, but you don't want it to look like a kindergartner made your cake pops or place cards. A successfully DIY'd wedding should look like it was planned and executed by professionals. That's the whole point.

Some things can be done well in advance. You can have all the décor prepped that doesn't include live flowers. You can make wedding favors a week ahead if you package them properly. But some things require entirely too much time and attention on the day of the wedding for the bride to do them herself.


Hair and Makeup

A bride with a free afternoon can do her own hair and makeup if she's a stylist, or has practiced a lot in advance. But even a bride who is a professional hair and makeup artist should not try to do the hair and makeup of every member of her wedding party, and the moms. If you're DIYing other aspects of your wedding, you'll hardly have time to do your own.


Photography and Videography

Whomever is taking the pictures cannot be part of the party, or in the pictures. Using a friend who isn't a wedding photographer means you're unlikely to get the detail shots a professional wouldn't miss. If you must DIY your videography for budget reasons, consider using a service like Wedding Mix so that the results look almost professional.



Unless it's a family potluck in the backyard, the bride cannot coordinate the food and beverages at her own wedding, and still have any fun at all. At the very least, do as much prep as you can on the food, and hire a catering company to finish and serve it to the guests. Nobody at the wedding should be doing dishes.


This way, the bride can have a systematically, professional and also memorable wedding.

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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - Style Your Wedding Party

Right wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses will make wedding stylish. It is a memorized moment for every bride, so some styles for you to make a romantic and fashion wedding.

Long gone are the days when bridesmaids walked the aisle in matching dresses and the groomsmen escorted the guests while wearing the traditional black tux. Today, bridal party attire is often chosen as a reflection of the couple's wedding style as well as of the personalities of the men and women wearing it.

Whether you know or not, bridesmaid dresses that mix and match lace and wildflower floral prints will create an ethereal vibe to complete your woodland theme. Having a quirky or eccentric wedding? Why choose one color when you can dress your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the colors of the rainbow?

The mismatched bridesmaid dress trend that quickly became popular in recent years has evolved into a variety of styles, from designated color palettes (think ombre or jewel tones) to variations of a central theme (a roaring '20s bash, anyone?). And brides who do prefer a more uniform look still find a way to make a statement with their bridal party fashion by opting for patterned dresses (stripes! florals!) or those that are all texture (sequins!).

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For some soft look, pallette bridesmaid dresses, dusty blue/pink/grey dresses are okay. And if you want to make the wedding both stylish and inspiring, colorful bridesmaid dresses are suggested. Choose those similar color shades, similar styles and very fitted look for your bridesmaids. They will love them too.

Even groomsmen are picking up on the stylish trends, going for a dapper look in tweed or dressing in a range of shades with a central hue. If they're really feeling playful, mix-and-match ties or bow ties are always a favorite, and a few even play rebel by skipping the suit jackets in favor of flaunting bright suspenders or colorful vests.

Style your wedding party with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, including convertible bridesmaid dresses, colorful/similar shades of bridesmaid dresses, lace/sequin bridesmaid dresses, floral printed bridesmaid dresses, etc. So many choices for you. Challenge it!

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